Ace Expands Stainless Steel Range

Ace Expands Stainless Steel Range To Meet Specific Market Requirements

For applications where corrosion resistance and hygiene are paramount, Ace Controls International can now offer a wide range of stainless steel shock absorbers.

Manufactured in V4A stainless steel and using a special oil that fulfils the NSF-H1 requirements of the food industry, the new shock absorbers are ideal for use in the medical, pharmaceutical, food, offshore and marine industries.

The two new stainless steel ranges, developed from existing proven performers in Ace’s shock absorber family, are the MC150-MC600 V4A Series and the Magnum V4A Series.

Both ranges offer high energy absorption in compact packages (MC Series – 86.6mm to 141.9mm and Magnum – 151.7mm to 344mm.), self-compensation, an integrated mechanical stop and a wide range of effective weights – from 0.9kg to 42500kg.

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