Acoustic holography viewed at the speed of sound

To allow you to analyse dynamic conditions, LMS International has launched the Transient Acoustic Holography module with its CADA-X noise and vibration testing software suite. Enabling you to look at pressure changes at particular frequencies/orders as a function of time/rpm, the module provides the ideal tool to localise, quantify and rank sound sources on transient sound signals such as engine run-ups.

The new module has been implemented in such a way that it does not require all data to be measured simultaneously, so allowing savings on microphones and high channel count systems to be realised.

You can analyse a frequency range, a single order, a sum of single orders or a range of orders, which allow you to study resonance, order and modulation phenomena, as well as making component studies. Back and forward propagation allows you to predict acoustic fields anywhere from the source to the far field in a plane parallel to the hologram plane. You can also make pass by noise predictions and simulate noise attenuation.

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