ACTUS awarded $109m nuclear decommissioning contract

The ACTUS joint venture has been awarded a $109m (£70m) contract by Magnox to undertake decommissioning work at the Trawsfynydd nuclear power station.

The work, awarded to the joint venture as part of an intermediate-level waste (ILW) framework contract, involves decommissioning across three waste streams; solid wastes, wet wastes and FEDER (fuel element debris enhanced retrievals).

The ACTUS joint venture, involving Jacobs, Babcock, AMEC and Costain, replaces the existing Trawsfynydd strategic integrated framework (TSIF) team, originally formed in 2005.

Trawsfynydd ceased electricity generation in 1993 and is well progressed towards decommissioning. The ACTUS team will work alongside Magnox to complete the remaining work over the next four years to take Trawsfynydd to a care and maintenance state.