ADAC orders cueSim simulators

ADAC, Europe’s largest motoring organisation, has placed contracts with Qinetiq subsidiary cueSim for two full flight helicopter simulators in support of air rescue services.

The cueSim full flight simulators (FFS) will be used to train and check pilots for the Eurocopter EC135 and EC145 at ADAC´s ‘HEMS-Academy’, a newly established training academy for ADAC´s helicopter pilots as well as its customers.

The FFS B simulator for the EC135 will be equipped with analogue instruments, and an electronic central panel display system (CPDS). It will be reconfigurable between EC135 P2 and EC135 T2 and will support future reconfiguration to the upgraded T2i and P2i variants. The FFS B simulator for the EC145 incorporates a full electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) and will be reconfigurable to the P2i and T2i variants of the EC135.

The simulators will be based at a purpose-built facility at Bonn-Hangelar airfield, near Cologne-Bonn International Airport. Its main objectives are to offer a realistic mission environment, increase safety, improve handling of emergencies, demonstrate operational proficiency and provide training independent of weather conditions or aircraft availability. The simulator for the EC135 will be delivered in June 2008, the simulator for the EC145 in September 2008.

cueSim makes simulators for synthetic training and testing devices for the civil helicopter industry. cueSim simulators feature flight modelling software with high fidelity motion, force feel control loading, vibration cueing and advanced visual systems.