ADC wins patent infringement suit

ADC today announced that it has resolved a patent infringement action against PCI Technologies, a suit ADC filed in 2001 to enforce a patent relating to ADC’s radio frequency (RF) modules used in its RFWorx platform.

Under the resolution, ADC will receive a monetary payment and PCI must discontinue its MAXNET line of RF modules, as they existed at the time ADC filed its suit.

PCI will redesign the product to conform with agreed upon specifications. ADC has reserved the right to pursue PCI for infringement of any other ADC patents, including any future ADC patents that could provide additional protection for ADC’s RF modules.

The RFWorx platform is designed to help multiple service operators (MSOs) deliver traditional video and future targeted services over the same network by balancing headend signals with minimal service interruptions.

‘This is an excellent outcome for ADC,’ said Rick Roscitt, chairman and CEO for ADC. ‘A great deal of research and development dollars are spent each year to innovate new products for cable, wireline and wireless carriers. This suit sends a clear message to our competition, customers, and shareholders that the cable network business is very important to ADC’s future, and that ADC will protect its research and development dollars by enforcing its patents.’

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