Student-designed ADcase protects iPhone with shock absorbers

German student Philip Frenzel has created a protective system called ADcase that extends shock absorbing legs to protect dropped iPhones.


Developed as part of his mechatronics thesis, the case will soon be available to back on Kickstarter. It features four pairs of spring-loaded limbs that sit within the corners on the rear of the case. Sensors detect when the phone has been dropped and is heading towards the floor, with the limbs automatically deployed in a split second to cushion the fall. While the eight AD – active damping – absorbers launch from the back of the case, they extend out both above and below, protecting the phone regardless of which side it lands.

“Our vision with ADcase is a smartphone case that combines maximum protection with sleek design,” reads the company website. “A case that is so smart that it even makes a difference whether it’s in your hand, in your pocket, or in free fall. A shell that supports the user and offers real added value.”

Philip, who studies at the Aalen University near Stuttgart, has teamed up with economics graduate Peter Mayer to develop ADcase into a commercial project. The case, which adds just 4.9mm of protrusion to the back of the phone, will be available initially across a range of Apple devices, from the iPhone 6 all the way up to the iPhone X. According to the website, ADcase will provide additional functionality beyond protection, such as extended battery life and wireless charging. As yet, details on pricing have yet to be released.