Adding e to aerospace

Copernio Corporation has added several new modules to its CoSX suite of e-procurement products which are targeted at the aerospace industry.

‘The new requests for mediation, proposal and services modules are tools to streamline both internal and outsourced supply chain operations. These tools enable users to operate within a secure environment to mediate new product and service contracts,’ stated Peter Berghammer, CEO of Copernio.

The Request for Mediation (RFM) module provides a set of tools that will allow companies within a supply chain to search for compatible partners, services and products – and allows for the seamless introduction of new companies and groups to the process. This allows companies outside an established chain to gain entry – while still protecting the interests of established supply chain members.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) tools, on the other hand, allow partner companies to request, and reply to solicitations. This function allows for the setting of permissions so that only pre-qualified partners can participate. Through enhanced contact management features, users can realise savings from the RFP being distributed to a larger pre-approved group of suppliers.

Finally, the Request for Services (RFS) module promotes partnering organisations to request service quotations within a controlled environment. RFS provides an online arena for mediated negotiations – and is tailored to organisations in which procurement is often linked with associated services.