Adhesive targets electronics

GE Silicones has introduced the LVG342 low volatile silicone adhesive for electronics gasketing and staking applications.

The new adhesive is a low volatile, two component, thixotropic silicone material that cures quickly at elevated temperatures to a durable elastomer.

It has been developed for use in applications that are sensitive to volatile siloxane species. For many applications, the LVG342 adhesive can provide low volatility and controlled out-gassing without the need for an extended post-cure bake cycle.

It offers primerless adhesion to a broad range of substrates, including most metals and many types of engineered thermoplastics. When cured, it is a soft, 40A durometer elastomer offering attractive compression set deflection characteristics.

The adhesive can provide excellent compression stress relaxation and sealing force retention properties for both wet and cured bead formed-in-place (FIPG) gasketing applications.

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