Advanced image processor enables 3M wall display

The svW1 image processor chip from Silicon Video has enabled design engineers at 3M Visual Systems Division to realise a cost-effective flat screen display that can hang on the wall.

The display itself integrates multiple functions such as a dry-erase board, digital white board, and stereo sound into a single product.

But without the geometry correction offered by the svW1 image processor, the combination of extreme off-axis, short-throw projection would have required optical lenses of impractical dimension and exorbitant cost.

The svW1 image processor allows the wall display to take advantage of smaller, lighter and more cost-effective optics by pre-compensating for off-axis projection and distortion introduced by such lenses.

The svW1 chip itself incorporates geometry correction, advanced scaling, frame rate conversion, de-interlacing and picture-in-picture circuitry into a single component. It corrects keystone, pincushion, tilt, barrel and aspect ratio distortions.

The correction is parameterised by an array of coefficients that is user programmable; what is more, the coefficient array can be updated each frame to compensate for dynamic distortions.

The svW1 supports a full range of standard graphics and video input and output formats. Video inputs can be processed by spatial or mesh de-interlacing techniques to ensures optimal image quality when displayed in progressive mode. Frame rate conversion broadens the range of supported formats by allowing independent input and output frame rates. A secondary input channel can be used to capture an external source for picture-in picture overlays.

SVI plans to enter other emerging markets with the new processor, such as video, video-on-demand, and video over IP.

The svW1 is currently available in a 480 pin commercial grade BGA package for $89 in 10k quantities.

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