Advanced object detection

Omron Corporation has introduced a new photoelectric laser sensor series that provides object detection, positioning and high-resolution sensing.

Omron claims that the E3C-LDA is currently the only photoelectric sensor whose focal point and axis can be easily adjusted for optimum sensing capability.

By varying the focal point mechanism, users can adjust the beam diameter to suit the work-piece. This in turn improves the reliability of detection.

Varying the axis alignment mechanism enables systems developers to adjust the direction of the beam fan to the mounting surface.

The E3C-LDA series sports three separate laser beam types – spot beam, line beam and area beam and offers a detecting distance of up to 1000mm for all three types. Because of this, the sensor can be located away from moving parts in a production process.

Up to 10 sensors can be combined without any mutual interference, enabling multiple measurements to be made in a machine or a process.

Typical applications for the laser sensor include object detection in the semiconductor industry, grease, adhesive and seal inspection, assembly oriented applications in the automotive industry, and sheet displacement inspection in the paper and packaging industries.