Advanced termination regulators

Royal Philips Electronics has announced a new termination regulator family designed to provide power for termination of a Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM memory bus.

Using the new ICs, designer can reduce the overall cost of a DDR SDRAM termination system by as much as 50% and provide a savings in board space of as much as 60% over switch-mode designs.

Philips’ DDR termination regulators, dubbed the NE57810 and the NE57811, can be used in a number of applications such as desktop PCs, servers and workstations, set-top boxes and digital video recorders (DVRs).

The analog regulators are compatible with today’s 2.5V memory systems and are designed to support next generation 1.8V systems when they become available.

The NE57810 and NE57811 will provide a peak 3.5 amp current load (at 1.25V) as specified in the JEDEC DDR specifications, while over-current and over-temperature circuits protect the devices in the event of any system failures.