Aeroflot adapts to cargo demand

Boeing has converted two MD-11 passenger aircraft into freighters to help Aeroflot-Cargo adapt to growing cargo market demands. The work included updating flight deck features and the cargo-handling system.

A converted MD-11 has a capacity of 93.2 tonnes, structural payload at a range of 6,456km, and is capable of taking off with a maximum weight of 286,000kg. The main and lower deck cargo compartments also have the capacity to hold 36 2.4m by 3.2m-sized pallets or containers.

Aeroflot-Cargo operates four DC-10 Freighters, and further to the two MD-11s, it has also committed to lease three more MD-11 Boeing Converted Freighters from the Boeing Capital Corporation during 2007 and 2008.

Modification work is scheduled to begin in November 2008. Boeing Commercial Aviation Services will provide engineering design work and oversee the conversions, while SASCO, a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Aerospace will provide direct labour on the aeroplanes.