Affordable 3D NURBS modelling in Windows

Rhino from Softcover International is a NURBS-based modelling program adroit at producing organic, free form shapes. Priced at just £499, it offers NURBS-based 3D modelling on a standard Windows PC.

Solid modellers are essential design tools, but there is a definite limit to how free form a shape can be. Rhino removes the restrictions, with modelling of free form curves its key strength.

Designers working with 2D CAD programs will find Rhino an excellent 3D modelling companion. Drawings and sketches can be created in 2D CAD and imported into Rhino and modelled, then output from Rhino as 2D production drawings. The `make 2D drawings with 4 views’ command makes this easy.

For export to 3D modelling packages, Rhino’s `Join’, `Show naked edges’ and `Join 2 naked edges’ commands, together with a very reliable IGES translator, allows you to toggle between Rhino and other 3D modelling programs at will.

Softcover International Tel: 0171 259 2100