Affordable motion control

Simulating the motion of a new mechanical product can often help locate potential difficulties before a physical model is produced, but it has been challenging for engineers to lay their hands on software that is affordable, as well as compatible with their CAD system.

Force 2 is now launching just such a product called Simply Motion, which is integrated with, and associative to, Autodesk’s Mechanical Desktop CAD system.

The system has a ‘Wizard-like’ interface that automates the process of building a Motion model directly from assembly components with a drag-and-drop interface. Motion joints are defined automatically from the Mechanical Desktop assembly constraints. Additional joints, linear and torsion springs and motion generators can all be added to complete the model.

The simulation engine uses its three dimensional dynamic motion simulation capabilities to calculate the position of each part in the assembly. A much broader class of assemblies can be simulated with 3D dynamics. The results are used to produce animations of the moving assembly and to check for interference. The animations can be wireframe, shaded, without hidden lines or rendered.

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