Afloat in Norway

Rolls-Royce has established its first University Technology Centre in Norway to conduct research programmes in the marine sector.

Rolls-Royce has established its first University Technology Centre (UTC) in Norway to conduct key research programmes in the marine sector. Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Borge Brende, attended the opening ceremony at the NorwegianUniversity of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, along with representatives of the UTC partners NTNU, Rolls-Royce and Marintek.

The UTC will undertake work that gives a better understanding of the operating environment of marine vessels, and their propulsor and manoeuvring systems. Rolls-Royce has previously worked closely with both NTNU and Marintek on specific projects in such areas as the simulation of ship motion at sea and the development of ship dynamic positioning systems.

Rune Garen, Director of Research and Technology for Rolls-Royce Marine AS in Norway, commented: “Present trends show the overall speed of vessels at sea has increased, which calls for an increased focus on propeller, hull and rudder interaction.

“Future environmental considerations will require lower fuel consumption and safer operation, while higher overall performance will demand optimised system integration. Trondheim UTC staff will apply latest engineering tools and techniques, develop new physical models and numerical methods.”

Rolls-Royce Director – Engineering and Technology for Rolls-Royce, Dr Mike Howse, added: “NTNU and Marintek have worldwide reputations for their research in the motion of ships and structures at sea, which has helped to build Norway’s pre-eminence in the marine and offshore industry sectors, so we are delighted to be involved with them in this latest UTC partnership.”

The UTC will be based at NTNU, while some of the work for the UTC will be undertaken at Marintek’s facilities nearby, which incorporate towing tanks and an ocean basin laboratory providing a total marine environment, simulating wind, waves and currents to test models of all types of fixed and floating structures.