Agere and Nortel to multi-source receivers

Agere Systems and Nortel Networks have announced a multi-source agreement (MSA) to establish standards for surface-mount 10 Gbit/sec receivers.

Agere and Nortel Networks will independently develop and market respective lines of 10 Gbit/s PIN (positive intrinsic negative) and APD (avalanche photo-diode) receivers based on the standard.

The standard specifies product package outlines, pin function definitions, and optical and electrical characteristics for small-form-factor (8mm x 10.7mm x 3.3mm), surface-mount receivers. These receivers can be mounted directly onto a printed circuit board without the need to modify or cut out space on the board.

Receiver designs based on this MSA will conform to a 17-pin, ‘butterfly’-type surface-mount packaging with differential radio frequency (RF) output, offering a simplified method for managing RF signals. The initial offering will be 1R-type receivers, which combine a photo-detector and a transimpedance amplifier (preamplifier). The receiver layout specified in the MSA can also accommodate additional integrated features in the future.

Final specifications for the MSA will be made available shortly.