Agilent awarded $12.6m Raytheon contract

Agilent Technologies has been awarded a $12.6m contract by Raytheon to deliver an advanced, next-generation automated manufacturing test platform. Raytheon expects this new platform to provide benefits in cycle time, test equipment utilisation and labour content.

Raytheon will initially use the system for functional and diagnostic testing of components within missile guidance systems. The system can be expanded to accommodate new requirements as well as new test strategies intended to further reduce the overall cost of testing.

The project is a joint effort in which each company will apply its respective expertise. ‘Through this type of collaborative innovation, Raytheon and Agilent are working to help transform our approach to production testing,’ said Louise Francesconi, president, Raytheon Missile Systems.

Using this automated approach, Raytheon plans to replace 17 stand-alone test systems with seven capable of automated testing.