Air cushion fits like a glove

Grimly hanging onto a pneumatic drill all day is hardly a recipe for physical well being; the vibrations encountered can lead to problems like `white fingers’ (a loss of sensation in the hand) or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Compounding this problem, the work gloves traditionally used to reduce these stresses are neither comfortable nor particularly effective at reducing vibration.

However, a glove recently introduced by Impacto Protective Products uses an air bladder system designed by ErgoAir which, claims the company, will absorb and dissipate between 40 and 60% of vibration at both high and low frequencies, prolonging the time a person can use a tool without it causing problems.

The air-bladder system is manufactured from TPU (Urethane thermoplastic polyurethane) which is said to offer a number of beneficial properties. As well as high strength, temperature resistance and flexibility, it is also light and relatively comfortable to wear.

Designed with a quilted pattern of weld points and lines corresponding to the flex lines of the hand, the bladder consists of interconnected chambers which, when an object is gripped, allow the pressure to force air into the finger chambers; providing consistent thickness and protection throughout the glove.