Airb us turns to Division to speed design time

Division has signed a £1 million deal with the Airbus Consortium to provide dVISE software to streamline the airline manufacturer’s design process.

The dVISE software allows engineers to interact with their designs using the very latest data from their CAD systems. Up to now, one of the most time consuming aspects within the design process was the need to create a physical mock-up in order to ensure the fit of the entire assembly. As an example of the problems, a wing mock-up can take several weeks to create, but can be quickly out of date because of the difficulty of keeping the mock-up in sync with the CAD design. With the CAD design moving on apace, the physical mock-up can often be several iterations of the design behind.

‘The scale and complexity of BAe’s products demand best-in-class solutions for all phases of our design lifecycle,’ comments Steve Tothil, CADCAM manager with British Airbus. ‘With the seamless integration of Division’s dVISE into PTC’s EPD Connect, our key users will be able, for the first time, to visualise and interface with the entire virtual mock-up, all under the robust control of the product data management system.’

Division Tel: 01454 615554