Airbags for bikers

Motorcyclists who experience the thrill of the open road may not be so enamoured when they find themselves hitting the tarmac at some speed as the result of an accident.

Serious injury to motorcyclists may be prevented, however, with the invention of the Eggparka, an inflatable jacket that activates when a rider is separated from his or her bike.

A small carbon dioxide gas cylinder provides compressed inert gas, which when released expands into the jackets air bladders in 0.9 seconds.

The CO2 system can be activated by a ripcord or elastic lanyard system secured to the motorcycle’s frame.

If the rider and bike separate for any reason the force on the elastic lanyard system activates the CO2 system.

The principle of operation is that the compressed gas quickly expands the Eggparka’s bladders which in turn surrounds the neck, back, and waist thus adding protection from impact forces.

A key-box is activated the moment a ball, which serves as a release switch, is pulled free from the key-box. This causes the gas cartridge to release gas into the inner liner of the jacket, spontaneously inflating it.

The expanded cushions are designed to come between the rider’s body and any objects that the rider impacts, thus acting as a buffer to absorb the shock of impact.

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