Airbus partners with University of Bristol

The University of Bristol has signed a partnership agreement with Airbus Group, designed to ensure that students have the requisite skills to perform and succeed in the aerospace industry.

An Airbus A380 at the Paris Air Show.
An Airbus A380 at the Paris Air Show.

Bristol is one of seven European academic institutions involved in the partnership, with universities in Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands also taking part.

“These partnership agreements underline our commitment to work hand-in-hand with academics and engineering education leaders to develop and secure the competences that the aerospace industry will need in the future,” said Thierry Baril, chief human resources officer of Airbus Group.

“Developing a talent pipeline is vital to our success. We are proud to partner with such prestigious universities to pursue this objective.”

According to Airbus, the partnerships will aim to foster long-term collaboration in areas such as manufacturing and engineering, complex systems, architecture and integration, networks and content security, and project management.

The agreement will include the development of common educational programmes and student competitions, as well as measures to encourage diversity across the industry. Airbus Goup says it is also committed to running an internship scheme in-house that reflects the principles of the partnership.

A signing ceremony for the agreement took place at the Paris Air Show, with representatives from the universities and Airbus Group in attendance.