Airbus selects Smiths Aerospace

Airbus has selected Smiths Aerospace to supply electronics worth up to $30 million for deployment in 700 Airbus A380 aircraft.

Airbus has selected Smiths Aerospace to supply $30 million worth of Concentrator and Multiplexer for Video systems for use in the Airbus A380 aircraft.

The unit will be basic on the 700 aircraft forecasted to be built through 2020 and will be certified with the A380 program in 2005.

‘We see a growing use of video in aviation for monitoring, surveillance and functions like taxi guidance,’ commented Dr. John Ferrie, Group Managing Director for Smiths Aerospace. ‘We are committed to a long and successful relationship with Airbus as a first tier supplier on the A380 and other programs.’

This is the fifth contract awarded to Smiths Aerospace on the new 555 seat aircraft. Previous awards include systems for landing gear extension and retraction, operation of wing flaps & slats, landing gear actuation, and fabricated assemblies for the wing structure.

Starting in 2006, these contracts are expected to generate more than $1 billion for Smiths over the lifetime of the aircraft.

The Concentrator and Multiplexer for Video provides switching and video manipulation to permit display of various video functions on the primary cockpit displays.

Inputs include taxi aid video, cockpit door surveillance, smoke detection video (cargo and avionics bay), cabin video and airport navigation chart graphics.

Smiths Aerospace is currently supplying a similar system for the C-130 AMP and is evaluating additional opportunities. The unit will be designed and manufactured between the Smiths facilities in Michigan and Florida.