Airbus supplies composite flaps

Stork Fokker has secured a contract with Airbus for the development and manufacture of the composite outboard flaps for the A350 XWB line of aircraft.

The outboard flap components have been designed to increase the surface area of the wing during take off and landing.

According to Airbus, the A350 XWB composite flaps also have capabilities in enabling the centre of lift to move depending on the loading scenario – using differential flap settings.

Development has already started at Papendrecht in the Netherlands, in collaboration with Airbus in Bremen. During serial production Fokker expects to produce 140 sets of flaps annually, with first hardware deliveries scheduled for 2011.

Henk Valk, executive vice president of Stork, said: ‘We are delighted with the opportunity for growth and development of highly qualified employment that this contract brings. It is an excellent achievement for Dutch aerospace industry, proving that collaboration between knowledge institutes, industry and government creates a fruitful, innovative environment, and enabling the industry to win substantial orders in new aircraft programmes.’

The company also recently won a contract for the Joint Stike Fighter (JSF) flaperons and already produces the inboard flaps for the Boeing 747-8.