Aircraft carrier contracts

Sub-contracts worth more than £80m have been awarded to three UK-based companies to supply equipment to the Royal Navy’s two future Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers currently under construction.

Three UK-based companies have won subcontracts worth more than £80m to supply equipment to the Royal Navy’s two future Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, which are currently under construction.

The sub-contracts cover the supply of insulation, communications and water treatment systems.

Quentin Davies, minister for defence equipment and support, said the new business for Ticon Ltd UK, Thales UK and Ormandy Group would sustain more than 400 jobs.

Glasgow-based Ticon Ltd UK has been awarded £57m to supply the ships’ insulation systems, which will prevent the transfer of noise and heat and protect against the spread of fire.

Thales UK will supply onboard and fleet-wide communications in a contract valued at £25m.

The contract comprises the Tactical, Command and Control Voice System (TC2V) used for internal communication within the ship and the High Frequency (HF) system used for long range communications with other platforms and ashore.

In a deal worth £1m, Bradford-based Ormandy Group will deliver equipment for treating and supplying hot and cold fresh water to the ships’ accommodation areas.

The UK‘s Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers are being built by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA), which consists of Thales UK, BAE Systems, BVT Surface Fleet, Babcock and the Ministry of Defence.

The hull sections have been under construction since December last year.

Once in service, each ship will hold approximately 1500 crew.