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Industrial wireless early warning systems are rapidly becoming the preferred technology for manufacturing facilities

Industrial wireless early warning systems are rapidly becoming the preferred technology to satisfy fire, signalling and control function requirements for manufacturing facilities.

Since World Electronics’ first major installation, industrial clients have continued to represent the fastest growing market segment, and the company’s systems can be found all over the United States, protecting aluminium, steel, chemical and petroleum, pharmaceuticals and food facilities. These multiple building installations range in size up to 700 acres with upwards of 60 buildings, all reporting to a central site command centre.

The primary advantages afforded by wireless systems include the elimination of wire runs, underground conduit, lightening strikes and disruption of operations during installation. The elimination of these major hurdles, coupled with ease of installation, can result in substantial cost savings to the client. Wireless systems can usually be modified or expanded rapidly and cost-effectively.

In addition to fire reporting, facilities face other critical life safety reporting needs such as complying with plant evacuation requirements, chemical spills and overflow, employee accident reporting, equipment monitoring, executive security reporting, guard tour reporting and coded alarm signalling.

World Electronic’s first installation was a property comprised of 65 buildings on a property 1.5 miles long and 0.75 miles wide. The original system was worn out and the client was unable to obtain wired bids due to the enormous cost and installation constraints using conventional methods.

Replacing the old system would entail trenching under asphalt streets and parking areas, under railroad tracks and create havoc with the underground utility systems. The internal wiring of each building would also create substantial cost and interruption to operations. The combination of these restrictions would have resulted in enormous costs with a tremendous burden to management.

All trenching, special underground conduit and the majority of wiring was eliminated by utilising wireless technology. World Electronics supervised maintenance transmitters are activated by sprinkler flow and tamper devices, and repeaters are strategically located to afford the ability to expand the system for additional early warning reporting as required.

Recent additions consisted of a number of display/printer receivers located in strategic offices for key personnel to be alerted of any emergency the moment it occurred. A remote control panel annunciator was also added in a secondary command centre. The complete system, using wireless equipment, resulted in huge cost savings to the client.

World Electronics systems provide industrial facility managers with protection and communication options and flexibility. The systems are generally very cost effective, especially when multiple buildings must be tied together and wiring between buildings is difficult.

Multiple emergency communication is also a major benefit, since adding different types of alarms usually requires only the addition of transmitters. Industrial plants are constantly being remodelled, reconfigured or expanded. World Electronics equipment can easily be moved or repositioned since no home run wiring exists and there is no power limitation in a wireless system.

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