Alcatel to supply broadband network for 65 Million Euro

Callino, the Swiss service provider, has selected the Alcatel LMDS (local multipoint distribution service) solution for deployment throughout Switzerland.

Callino, a wholly owned subsidiary of Formus, purchased a national wireless local loop licence in the auctions that took place in Switzerland in 2000. In an order worth up to Euro 65 million, Alcatel LMDS equipment will enable Callino to offer broadband wireless services, which it will primarily target at small and medium enterprise (SME) customers.

The Alcatel LMDS solution is a multiservice broadband wireless network comprised of base station and customer premises equipment, and network and service management.

A base station, consisting of digital modulation equipment with optional switching capabilities and point-to-multipoint transmitters and receivers, is the central location that collects all traffic to and from customers within a given wireless coverage area.

The base station is also the linking point between the customer and the network backbone. Customer premises equipment includes radio termination (RT) transceivers and network termination (NT) units, which support a full range of services.

The network and service management suite supports complete end-to-end management of both the wireless and wireline portions of the network, providing a full range of VPN capabilities, billing and performance information, statistics and maintenance support.

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