Alcatel to supply signals and controls

Alcatel has been awarded 11.8 million Euros by Spanish rail operator, RENFE, to equip the Sevilla-Huelva rail line with signalling and control systems.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2006 and, according to Alcatel, will ensure improved performance, security and safety for railway operations on the 104-km track.

Alcatel will be responsible for developing a complete train routing solution, including design, delivery, installation and commissioning of eight electronic interlockings, single-track automatic block and centralised traffic control systems, electronic axle counters, point machines, track circuits and related civil works.

Alcatel will deploy its modular electronic interlocking solution, the Alcatel LockTrac (L90 5) and NetTrac (CTC 1000), which will enable centralised traffic control from the Seville-Santa Justa station for all the stations between Seville and Huelva. Alcatel will also provide a digital transmission network over optical fibre, which will allow the distribution of voice and data to and from all sites.

“Today, increased mobility, resulting in higher through-put requirements, puts pressure on rail operators who have to ensure smooth continuous operations and a safe environment for their passengers,” commented Anastasio Gallego del Monte, head of Alcatel’s transport automation activities in Spain.

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