Alcoa to clean up in Spain

Alcoa announced today that it will invest 64 million Euros in technology and environmental improvements for three of its smelters in northern Spain.

At its smelter in Aviles, Alcoa will invest 46 million Euros in improvements that will allow the plant to achieve, by 2007, environmental standards set by the European Union.

The directives are to lower the total fluoride emissions, dust and benzoalfapyrene and must be completed by the end of 2006. The Aviles project is a result of Alcoa R&D efforts to introduce newly developed improvements to Soderberg pot technology.

Earlier this month, Alcoa signed a voluntary agreement with the regional government of Galicia impacting two of Alcoa’s smelting facilities, one in San Ciprian, the other in La Coruna.

The agreement includes specific actions and projects addressing emissions proposed by Alcoa to improve the local environment, which will include an 18 million Euros investment by the company over the next five years. Alcoa’s alumina refinery in San Ciprian is also included in this agreement.