All-in-one pH sensor

The PH20 combination sensor from Yokogawa is an ‘all-in-one’ device for measuring pH, ORP/redox (oxidation reduction potential) and temperature. The device uses a patented compensation technique to minimise drift and enhance accuracy in conditions of varying temperature and pressure.

Rugged mechanical construction and chemically resistant packaging ensure that the PH20 can be used under environmental conditions where other sensors would be destroyed. It incorporates flexible plastic sleeves that flex to accommodate changes in the external pressure, thereby avoiding large differential pressures across the sensor reference diaphragm and ensuring that the reference junction’s environment remains constant.

The sensor body is made from chemically resistant PVDF, and the silver chloride reference system is based on a double-junction design with a gelled electrolyte to combat poisoning of the internal reference element. The platinum electrode serves both as the measuring element for ORP measurements and as the solution ground electrode.

The body features parallel threads and O-ring seals on both front and back, allowing the use of standard plumbing accessories for a variety of inline, bypass and immersion assemblies. Each sensor is supplied complete with a test certificate.

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