All that you can Be

Be Incorporated has filed suit against Microsoft for the destruction of it’s business resulting from what it says were anti-competitive business practices.

Be Incorporated, the developer of an operating system rival to Microsoft’s Windows, has filed suit against that very same company for the destruction of Be’s business resulting from what it says were the anti-competitive business practices of Microsoft.

The lawsuit alleges, among other claims, that Microsoft harmed Be through a series of illegal exclusionary and anti-competitive acts designed to maintain its monopoly in the Intel-compatible PC operating system market and created exclusive dealing arrangements with PC OEMs prohibiting the sale of PCs with multiple preinstalled operating systems.

Be has retained a law firm on a contingent fee basis to represent the company and to seek recovery of damages for the benefit of the company and its stockholders.

The suit has been filed in the United States District Court in San Francisco.

On November 12, 2001, Be stockholders approved the sale of substantially all of Be’s intellectual property and other technology assets to a subsidiary of Palm.

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