Alpha blending on a board

Primagraphics has launched a new version of its Cobra quad-video windows board, which supports alpha blending and cross mixing of selected video inputs.

Cobra Ax, as the board is called, is a multi-input, video windows processor that can accept up to 12 video inputs and then simultaneously display up to four as windows on a digital flat panel or analogue display. A key feature of this new board is the ability to alpha blend or cross mix two videos into a single window.

A typical application of this is to combine a scan-converted radar picture with a graphics display. The radar picture may be scaled to fill the graphics window, with the alpha blending providing the mixing of map graphics and radar with the window.

Using Cobra Ax it is possible to combine video from a thermal and optical camera into a single composite display. The input videos may be unsynchronised and may be scaled and cropped to align them in the output window. Dynamic adjustment of the gain controls allows the display to show optical, infrared or some combination.

Cobra Ax can also scale a selected video source to any position on the screen, or can be zoomed to full-screen. Other display configurations include quad-video, picture-in-picture, side-by-side and overlapping windows. Video inputs can be TV, RS170, RS343, STANAG Class A or high-resolution video up to 1280 x 1024.

In addition to video inputs, a high-resolution graphics signal may be input to the board as a separate digital video interface (DVI) or analogue RGB video to provide an overlay, or background to the windows. The board requires only power from a VME connector, and may be completely controlled over the TCP/IP, RS232 or VME connection.

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