Alstom awarded ship orders worth 110 million Euros

Alstom has signed contracts valued at 110 Euros to construct a 70 metre luxury ship and an oceanographic ship for the French Ifremer Institute.

Alstom has signed a first contract with the French Ifremer Institute for the construction of an oceanographic ship named ‘Pourquoi Pas?’, which is due for delivery at the beginning of 2005.

Equipped to sail in all seas, she will be fitted to achieve any mission in the fields of deep-sea, coastal oceanographic and hydrographic research.

This 105 metre vessel will be capable of carrying Ifremer’s large scale equipment, such as the manned submersible Nautile, the remotely controlled submersible Victor 6000, or new launches of the French Navy’s Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department (SHOM).

This civilian ship will be used 200 days per year by Ifremer and 150 days by the French Navy.

In addition, Alstom has entered the mega-yacht market, with the award of a contract for the construction of a luxury ship, more than 70 metres in length.

These two ships will be built in the ALSTOM Leroux Naval shipyard in Lorient, Brittany.

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