Alstom on site for Magnox Electric

Alstom has recently been awarded a long-term maintenance contract worth 9 million Euros to service steam turbines, generators and auxiliary plant at three Magnox Electric nuclear power stations.

Alstom has recently been awarded a lifetime maintenance contract, valued at 9 million Euros, by Magnox Electric plc.

The contract is a long-term service agreement to maintain the steam turbines, generators and auxiliary plant at the Sizewell A and Wylfa nuclear power plants, and the steam turbines and auxiliary plant at Oldbury nuclear power plant. It will run until 2010 in line with the Magnox Electric Lifetime Strategy.

According to a statement, the contract is ‘designed to ensure the full commitment of Alstom’s engineering, logistics and operations expertise to attain maximised plant reliability and availability, whilst rewarding Alstom for minimising expenditure to achieve these shared goals.’

‘I am pleased that we have been able to develop our relationship with Magnox Electric, from a standard annual outage maintenance arrangement, to a long-term partnership, with shared goals, where we will be rewarded on the basis of our achievements,’ commented Duncan MacPherson, Sales and Marketing Director, Alstom Power Service UK.

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