Alstom set to supply turbines for African hydro power plant

Alstom has signed a €250m (£203m) contract with Metals & Engineering Corporation (METEC) to supply turbines and generators for the hydro power plant of the Grand Renaissance dam, located on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia.

Alstom will supply, and supervise the installation of, all electromechanical equipment for the plant, including eight 375MW turbines and eight generators for the first phase.

The contract also includes engineering and power plant commissioning, which will commence in late 2013 and take place in successive steps over a three-year period. In line with the expectations of the Ethiopian government, Alstom will oversee a programme to develop skills locally and know-how in the area of hydroelectricity.

When completed, the Grand Renaissance power plant — which will be operated by EEPCO — will have a total output of 6,000MW.