European automotive engineers are turning to Nituff, a metal finishing process from Indiana-based Nimet Industries that creates an extremely hard, wear- and corrosion resistant finish on aluminium.

Available in the UK from Aluminium Surfaces Engineering, the process penetrates polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and/or other blended polymers into precision hardcoat anodizing to achieve a self-lubricating surface with a claimed low friction, high corrosion resistance and dielectric properties superior to traditional hardcoat anodizing.

Typical benefits for the process include a surface hardness approaching that of case-hardened steel. The surface is harder than file hard (62 RC, 500HV). Depending on the alloy used, its finish and the thickness, the surface has been shown to withstand the corrosive attack of a 5% slat spray for more than 2000h. The finish’s dielectric strength surpasses that of ordinary hardcoat.

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