Aluminium motors save weight and cost

Baldor has launched a range of aluminium IEC-frame AC electric motors that provide weight savings compared with cast iron frame alternatives.

Spanning the 0.12 to 7.5 kW power range, the range is CE-approved but can be optionally specified to meet UL and CSA standards – simplifying life for international machinery exporters.

Although aluminium is used for the frames, the performance and reliability of the motors is not reduced, through a combination of factors including work-hardened surfaces for the bearings, grade N rotor balancing, and phase-to-phase insulation – which particularly helps to assure long lifetimes when driven by inverters.

Known as the IEC Metric Frame motor range, Baldor will additionally support the product launch with stockholdings at its European warehouse operation, allowing motors to be supplied anywhere in Europe.

As standard, the motors feature a totally-enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) construction, in IEC frame sizes from 60 to 132, in 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-pole speeds, and meeting ‘Eff 2’ efficiency levels. Users can choose from B3 foot, B5 D-flange or B14 C-face mounting. All the motors are rated for IP55 protection as standard against ingress.

For frame sizes up to 100, users can choose versions in delta wiring configurations for operation at 220/240 VAC at 50 Hz or 250/280 VAC at 60 Hz, or star-wired configurations for operation at 380/420 VAC at 50 Hz or 440/480 VAC at 60 Hz. For frame sizes of 112 and above, the ratings are 380/420 VAC and 440/480 VAC in delta, and 690 VAC in star.

Users may additionally specify motors with a range of modifications including compliance with UL 1004 and CSA C 22.2 standards, premium ‘Eff 1’ grade efficiency, class H insulation, IP56 protection, and integrated brakes.

For larger power ratings up to 37 kW (frame sizes up to 200), Baldor offers a range of cast iron IEC frame motors.

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