An end to those dirty rats

If you live in a cottage, you will know that rats and mice can present a problem. If you happen to see a rat in your kitchen during the day, it’s probably only the tip of the iceberg because most rats and mice are nocturnal. They won’t just damage your furniture or dry food, but your health and that of other people living in the same place.

Now, Hong Kong based Daka Development has the answer: the XContro Electronic Rat Repeller. The unit is an acoustically designed high power transducer that emits a loud ultrasonic sound. ‘Just as humans will naturally avoid an area with an annoying alarm going off continuously, so do rats and other pests. By continuously broadcasting high decibel sounds in the ultrasonic range, the unit creates an uncomfortable environment for mice, squirrels, skunks, and other small animals,’ says Pat Mah, Director of Daka Development Ltd.

The unit also has a Sweeping Effect in which the ultrasonic waves fluctuate in a pre-set range to ‘hit’ different pests at the same time. Since they do not fall into the human hearing range, users will not be disturbed. The unit is also suited for professional use in warehouses, attics, and other storage places. Simply leave the unit in the desired location and the place will be guaranteed rat and pest free.