An increase in plant efficiency

Moeller Electric has developed a new remote switching module, the FAX-FIB-XFSM, said to help users increase the reliability and, as a result, the efficiency of their systems.

The device has been tailored to meet the needs of industrial and building applications with high demands for availability and safety, such as pumping stations, monitoring systems, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment in automatic production operations.

Fitted to Moeller’s FAZ miniature circuit breakers and FIP residual-current circuit breakers, the XFSM modules facilitate automatic restarting as well as local and remote switching.

Connected to a PLC module or Moeller’s Easy control relay, the XFSM allows the user to easily control what should happen after a fault occurs. In the case of a continuous fault current, the FIP trips out immediately and at each attempted restart, remaining in the ‘off’ position after the final one. The remote switching module then generates an alarm.

In conjunction with the FIP-XPM test module, the switching module can additionally be used for remote testing of residual-current protection devices according to the standard. For security purposes XFSM modules can be mechanically interlocked and sealed. LEDs indicate the operational and alarm status.

The mechanical switching capacity of the unit is up to 80A for four pole RCDs, providing a mechanical/electrical lifespan of 10,000 switching operations. Fed with a rated operating voltage of either 24-400V AC or 24-80V DC, power consumption is 5W.

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