Analysing 3G

The Tektronix WCA200A series of wireless communications analysers are targeted at the 2.5 and 3G markets.

The units, the WCA230A (3GHz) and the WCA280A (8GHz) feature multi-domain analysis, enabling fast, complete signal analysis in frequency, time, code and modulation domains without the need for multiple measurements.

A frequency mask trigger feature allows developers to capture single or multiple RF signals, even in the presence of other RF signals that traditional spectrum and vector analysers would miss.

An extended memory enables 10 seconds of a W-CDMA signal to be captured, ensuring all the necessary information is available to make a complete analysis of the signal.

With its ability to analyse W-CDMA compressed mode, engineers can also monitor their device during the complex hand-over process between W-CDMA and GSM.

And, by providing differential I/Q inputs, the WCA200A Series can allow 3G designers to directly measure their differential I/Q signals.

The WCA200A Series also offers graphical representations, such as spectrograms and codograms, that give a complete picture of what is happening with a signal under test.

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