Analysis comes to the desktop

New software from SolidWorks helps designers to analyse fluids and conduct detailed motion analysis to reduce time to market of their products.

Designers and engineers can use SolidWorks Corporation’s new COSMOSWorks 2003, COSMOSFloWorks 2003 and COSMOSMotion 2003 to detect potential design problems and fix them before prototype production begins, preventing post-production errors that cost time and money.

These new products, along with the recently announced SolidWorks 2003 three-dimensional computer-aided design (3D CAD) software, will help designers and engineers work more productively so they can speed products to market and boost revenue.

The COSMOS analysis product line upgrades for 2003 allow designers to analyse moving parts, fluid flow, and the overall structural integrity of their parts and assemblies.

COSMOSWorks 2003 seamlessly integrates with SolidWorks 2003, so users can click on an icon from within the SolidWorks window and begin conducting multiple ‘what if’ scenarios to determine the reliability of their products.

COSMOSWorks 2003’s new visualisation feature allows users to view SolidWorks models and corresponding design analysis results so they can better see potential problems on the design.

Additional enhancements to COSMOSWorks 2003 include:


<LI>Automatic solution convergence using H-Adaptive technology that minimises manual mesh refinements.

<LI>A failure diagnostic tool, automatic loop, and controls for easily meshing parts in a complicated assembly, especially those with large size differences between the parts.

<LI>The ability to convert COSMOSWorks results into eDrawings files so users can simultaneously visualise models and analysis results.

<LI>Batch processing multiple studies for simultaneous ‘what if’ comparisons.

<LI>Seamless integration with SolidWorks’ heads-up interface.


The COSMOSFloWorks 2003 package allows users to see how non-Newtonian fluids such as oil, liquid plastic, toothpaste or blood might flow through different machines. COSMOSFloWorks 2003 also allows designers to include radiative heat transfer, for example, to explore how an air conditioner might cool a room with large windows.

COSMOSMotion 2003, on the other hand, is a virtual prototyping tool that provides motion simulation capabilities to ensure designs work before they are built. It gives users more control over how they test their product designs in motion.

COSMOSMotion 2003 allows designers and engineers to analyse bushings (a flexible connector often used to dampen vibrations), reduce the number of contact definitions (such as sprocket teeth with the same dimensions) they need to build and analyse, and customise how they view displacement, velocity, acceleration, and force vectors on the screen.

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