Analysis software looks towards the next century

New numerical simulation software from France can help the designer with linear, static, and dynamic mechanical analysis as well as fracture mechanics and fatigue

Hailing from the nuclear industry in France comes a new-generation numerical simulation software package. The finite element analysis programme, developed by a Framatome subsidiary, Framasoft+CSI, covers linear, non-linear, static and dynamic mechanical analyses as well as fracture mechanics and fatigue.

Other Systus+ modules compute thermal problems such as conduction, advanced thermics, fusion and solidification, as well as electromechanical analyses, production process analyses and combinations of these engineering analyses areas, such as thermo-mechanics and magneto-thermics. A unique module, Sysweld, can be used for the simulation of welding and thermochemical treatment processes.

The language used in each module will be familiar to the engineer of that particular discipline, and to make it even easier, the software provides computation sheets for data input. Hypertext on-line help provides a very efficient way of aiding the engineer. Perhaps because the programme was designed in Europe, the interfaces to CAD are good: engineers can take advantage of the new STEP exchange standard, as well as IGES, and direct translators.

A high performance 3D mesh generator comes with the package. One of the newest functions is a high performance iterative solver that can be used for all types of analysis, resulting in higher computation speed and small hardware requirements in terms of storage and disk space.

Another innovation is a new shell element for both thin and thick shells that can be used for linear and non-linear applications.

Systus+ runs on workstations from HP, IBM, Silicon Graphics and Sun as well as mainframes from Convex and Cray.