Analysis solution handles big load

Avant! Corporation has unveiled details of its high capacity, high throughput inductance analysis solution said to be capable of handling 25 million gate system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

‘It is extremely difficult for a conventional RC extractor to model parasitic inductance effects in large SoC designs because the whole physical layout needs to be considered,’ said Michael Jackson, deputy engineering head of Avant!’s ICDA subsidiary. ‘Star-RCXT can do extremely fast processing of large designs while using only a small amount of memory.

As chip geometries get smaller and operating speeds increase, the physical effects of parasitic capacitance, resistance and inductance become increasingly significant.

‘Inductance, in particular, can affect the timing as much as 30 percent for designs operating above 500 MHz,’ said Jackson. ‘Avant!’s integrated approach to inductance analysis enables designers to accurately model all the parasitic effects – resistance, capacitance and inductance – of large-SoC designs.’

Avant! believe that in order to perform accurate inductance analysis, high performance extraction and circuit simulation tools are required.

Star-RCXT is said to do detailed modelling of every capacitive and inductive interaction in a design, which in an average one million-gate design results in more than a billion capacitors and inductors. This is said to resolve the problem that designers of multi-million gate designs face during full chip analysis is the large amount of data.

Avant! state that to reduce this amount of data, some design flows take short cuts by ignoring smaller values, but the cumulative effect of this can result in timing errors of 10-20%. Star-SimXT and Star-RCXT use third generation, network-reduction algorithms to obtain fast and accurate results that take into account all parasitic values.

‘With our solution for large SoC inductance extraction, we continue our leadership in supplying the most advanced techniques for high complexity, high performance SoC design,’ said Gerald C Hsu, chairman, CEO and president of Avant! Corporation.

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