Analytical computation

Maplesoft has announced that Maple 9, the newest version of its analytical computation software for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and UNIX, will soon be available.

Maplesoft has announced that Maple 9, the newest version of its analytical computation software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux will be available for shipping in late June 2003. Maple 9 for UNIX will be available in late July 2003.

Maple now comes with the ability to translate its computational results into programming code for other languages. Maple 9 has added MATLAB and Visual Basic to its set of target languages, which already includes C, Fortran and Java. Also, new tools in Maple 9 help users create code generators for other languages.

Through a new API (application programming interface) called OpenMaple, users can harness the Maple 9 math engine from external programs too. For example, a database program written in C or Visual Basic could invoke Maple 9 algorithms for data analysis.

Maplesoft has also redesigned the Help interface for easier navigation and searching. The Help system now provides one window for keyword searching, topic searching and browsing by category.

Additionally, Maple 9 has integrated OpenViz from Advanced Visual Systems (AVS), a technology for rendering interactive graphics. With OpenViz, users can create translucent 3-D plots and make them spin continuously around any axis providing a more complete and aesthetic view of 3-D objects.

The new release includes a graphical interface for analysing differential equations, more flexible worksheet formatting capabilities, rotatable graphics inside a Maplet application, better menu organisation, a graphical debugger and free-form sketch regions.

There are new student packages for learning Linear Algebra, Pre-calculus and Calculus as well. The student packages include a set of routines that help users to visualise abstract concepts through a set of interactive tutors.

And it has integrated GMP libraries that enable computations with up to millions of digits of accuracy. It also includes new algorithms for FFT, integration and solving differential equations.

The suggested retail price (SRP) for Maple 9 is $1795 for a non-concurrent, single-user, commercial license.

Maple is supplied and supported in the UK and Ireland by Adept Scientific.