And on the seventh day, Sony developed a biped

Sony Corporation has developed a prototype of a small biped entertainment robot appealingly called ‘SDR-4X’.

To make the thing move, a ‘real-time adaptive system’ controls a total of 38 joints in its body that are driven by small actuators.

Using two CCD colour cameras for image recognition, the SDR-4X can detect the distance between itself and an object in its path in order that it can make its way around it.

In addition to image recognition, sound recognition, and sound synthesis technologies are also built into the biped. Sony says the robot can even sing, although it did not specify what sort of tunes. Some George Jones maybe?

The robot can also detect the direction of a sound source and recognises an individual speaking by using seven microphones located inside its head.

The SDR-4X robot itself will be shown at ROBODEX 2002, an exhibition of ‘Robots as Partners’, from Thursday March 28th to March 31st for 4 days at Pacifico Yokohama in the Yokohama Minatomirai area of Japan.

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