Angels with watch faces

If you have ever worried about friends or relatives left alone at home – then worry no longer.

If you have ever worried about friends or relatives left alone at home -then worry no longer. Digital Angel Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions, has now developed a series of products to alleviate your fears.

The first generation of its ‘Digital Angel’ products is for children and the elderly. The products take the form of a watch, which runs on a standard watch battery, and a pager-size device, which comes with a rechargeable battery.

The Digital Angel systems can not only pinpoint location but, using a biosensor, can also measure pulse, body temperature and blood oxygen levels.

Digital Angel can even monitor a sudden fall through the incorporation of a sensor that measures inertia. It will let medical personnel know whether a patient is upright, moving from a sitting to an upright position, or has fallen down.

The system also features an emergency 911 (the US emergency number) alert button on the wristwatch, enabling the wearer to alert parents and caregivers.

Once captured from the user, data is wirelessly transmitted to Web-enabled desktop, laptop or wireless devices.

Mercedes Walton, President and Chief Operating Officer of Applied Digital Solutions, says that products from the first Digital Angel production run are expected later this year.