Animatics acquires HLD

California-based integrated motion control manufacturers Animatics, who market the SmartMotor fully integrated servo, has acquired Stafford-based Harmonic Linear Drive (HLD). Financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

The HLD technology is a patent-applied-for traditional linear belt actuator that circulates the belt in a unique way, giving substantial gear reduction without the need for a gearhead.

Jim Hawkins, president of Animatics, said: ‘The elimination of so many components and their costs make the HLD a natural extension to the SmartMotor. The further elimination of the gearhead and brake costs put our customers even further in front of their competition by getting them to market faster and with a lower engineering and manufactured cost.’

Currently sold only in the UK, Animatics now plans to market the HLD globally, through Animatics’ other offices in Europe, Asia and the US. The HLD units are manufactured in multiple grades ranging from low-cost rollers to dual profile rails for maximum moment loading. Integrated motor technology combines the controller, amplifier and motor into a single unit, which manufacturers claim reduces development times and improves reliability.