Anti-crash radar

The European Commission has allocated a specific radio frequency band for short-range radar devices used in automobiles.

The EC decision, which is to enter into force in mid-2005, opens the 24GHz frequency band for a limited period of time.

To ensure that short-range radars would not impair the accuracy of mobile telephony, weather satellites, radio telescopes and police radars systems that already use the frequency, the Commission called upon the CEPT (Conférence Européenne des Administrations des Postes et Télécommunications) to work out a detailed technical means to avoid interference.

The use of short-range radar now made possible by the Commission is the first large-scale application of Ultra-wide Band technology in Europe. Ultra-wide Band technology is a low-power wireless technology that re-uses spectrum already employed by other radio services.

Many other applications of this technology are also being developed with the support of Community-funded research to enable wireless high-data transmission systems within the home and for locating victims in emergency situations.

After 2013, new automotive radar applications will be required to use another frequency band (79 GHz) already harmonised by the earlier Commission Decision 2004/545/EC.

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