Antique fasteners

Although more used to supplying precision manufactured fasteners for the Royal Navy’s most modern fighting ships, specialist fastener manufacturer Arnold Wragg was recently asked to assist in sourcing fasteners for the oldest.

The Sheffield based company was contacted by Fleet Support to supply around 10,000 1.5in antique brass nails for use in the on-going maintenance and restoration of HMS Victory.

Restoration work has been ongoing since HMS Victory was opened to the public in 1928, the aim is to return the ship to her original condition in time for the Battle of Trafalger bicentennial celebrations which will take place in 2005.

In order to maintain authenticity of the vessel, materials as close as possible to those used in the original construction are being used. However, developments in fastener technology and materials meant that the restorers had great difficulty obtaining authentic nails a problem solved by Arnold Wragg.