Anyone can have 2D CAD and diagramming skills

The latest version of Smartsketch brings precision diagramming and 2D CAD capabilities to the masses.

SmartSketch 3, the latest intelligent 2D parametric drawing and design tool from Intergraph, is designed to bring advanced CAD capability within the reach of engineers and managers who do not have draughting or CAD skills.

Designed for engineers, CAD professionals, managers and support staff, SmartSketch gives precise control over drawings and tracks geometric relationships so you can edit without redrawing.

SmartSketch’s seamless interoperability with Mathcad Professional 2000 makes it easy to create technical diagrams with dimensions driven by Mathcad specifications. This ensures that designs conform to the standards and parameters you specify. You can refine your sketches automatically, redraw them when you change a design variable in Mathcad, and incorporate anything from rough design sketches to precise 2D CAD diagrams into your Mathcad worksheet.

SmartSketch improves drawing productivity though its streamlined intuitive user interface and WorkSmart technology, more than 7,500 pre-drawn symbols and 46 discipline-specific templates. Used as a standalone solution or in a complementary role with MicroStation and AutoCAD, SmartSketch fits into existing schematic diagramming, conceptual, production and business drawing workflows.

The UK distributor for the product is Adept Scientific.

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