AP Racing’s calliper advance

AP Racing has announced what it claims is a revolution in brake calliper technology. The design concept is said to improve three key areas: efficiency, cooling, and driver control.

Through studying the dynamic processes on a vehicle under braking, and the resultant loads, cooling ducts were integrated into the design which, in turn, lowered the operating temperature of the calliper.

With this lower temperature, the calliper offers increased performance, increased reliability and, Coventry-based AP Racing believes, a safer alternative to existing callipers found in racecars.

Following extensive bench testing, the new design has already proved successful under race conditions and the concept is soon to be extended to a number of racing series. Eventually, AP Racing will make the new calliper available for niche road car applications.

Norman Barker, director of sales at AP Racing explained: ‘All racing brake callipers are based around the most efficient opposed piston design. Where the new AP Racing design differs from the past is in the structure that supports the hydraulic bores, better resisting the dynamic loads during the braking event.

‘AP Racing’s new radical calliper has demonstrated that it can offer the industry real benefits in terms of improved efficiency, cooling and driver performance which ultimately will give our customers an increased competitive edge.’